At Tanner’s Studio we go above and beyond to ensure that our equipment is maintained properly which in turn provides you with optimum results. We use only top of the line “Wolf  Bulbs” in our beds and change each and every bulb long before they are due to expire. We assure you that you will be the envy of all your friends with a tan from Tanner’s Studio.Equipment Information

Beauty Angel Red Light Therapy
Beauty Angel
30 Red light lamps

Session Time: 12 minutes

• Skin Rejuvenation
• Pain reliefProgram Modes:
• Wellness (loosens & relaxes muscles)
• Entry Level (fitness for beginners)
• Intense vibration therapy
• Beauty – mixed mode

SoloarForce 652V Booth
SolarForce 652V
52 Two metre body lamps

Session Time: 9 minutes

Special Features:

• Convenient stand-up configuration
• 180 Watt, two metre Wolff® system lamps
• Entry lighting
• Ultimate 360 degree tanning experience
super cooling fans

EWE Lotus Bed
Lotus Bed
43 Wolff® Sun bulbs

Session Time: 12 minutes

Special Features:
• Vitamin D producing bulbs
• MP3/iPod hookup
• Air Conditioned
• German Engineering
• Flat acrylic  

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