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Tanners Studio is proud to announce the addition of Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy
Our Red Light Therapy has been a huge success since its launch in October of 2015, with about 100 clients using this amazing technology with wonderful results.  True client testimonials have aired on 104.7 Heart FM radio station and our clients have graciously written testimonials that can be read at the Tillsonburg location.  We carry a specific skin care line to work with your Red Light Therapy and skin rejuvenation, which has shown dramatic results in the reduction of fine lines & wrinkles while keeping the skin well hydrated and looking and feeling younger!! Red Light for pain management has also been quite successful with clients feeling relief from back and leg issues, tendonitis, sciatica pain, nerve damage and the list goes on. 

Beauty Angel’s Natural Body Treatment
Red Light Therapy
The Beauty Angel experience begins with total body exposure to red light energy which stimulates cell energy and enhances the body’s natural process of skin rejuvenation and cell healing.  Deep penetrating red light therapy, which was developed and researched by NASA, is a non-invasive, drug and chemical free alternative to a variety of skin aliments and is proven to be effective with regular use, in relieving or in some cases even eliminating pain all together. The light is absorbed deep into the skin at the cell level which delivers powerful therapeutic benefits to the living tissue.Red Light Therapy is thought to affect brain chemicals linked to mood, therefore aiding in easing the symptoms of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) Using Red Light Therapy may also help with other types of depression, sleep disorders etc.As a result of Red Light Therapy, cells regenerate and turn over more quickly, accelerating the healing and recovery of injured and/or damaged tissues. As blood circulation increases,  inflammation decreases, blood pressure drops and white cell production accelerates, producing more collagen and elastins. Red Light also activates the production of endorphins that help relieve chronic and/or acute pain.In summary Red Light Therapy encourages the whole body to regenerate cells that heal the body from within, giving you a much brighter, healthier glow to your skin and helps if not completely eliminates chronic and/or acute pain all together allowing you to get back to your active lifestyle.

List of BenefitsSkin Rejuvenation

Wrinkles and fine linesTightening and firming (non-surgical face lift alternative)Blemishes and RednessAnti-AgingAge spotsHyperpigmentation on face, hands and neckAcne and ache scarsStretch marksScar’s

Pain Relief
FibromyalgiaTendonitisSprainsCarpal TunnelJoint injuriesMuscle injuriesChronic joint pain and discomfortArthritisDegenerative OsteoarthritisLupusInflammationHeadachesMigrainesSurgery sitesMuscle SpasmsNerve injurySports InjuriesBone Fractures and chipsTennis elbow 

We are not doctors nor can we guarantee Red Light Therapy, but we can tell you that it has worked for thousands if not millions of people with all sorts of ailments and injuries of all nature. It has given people a reason to get up and get motivated once again.Come on in to Tanners Studio Tillsonburg location and ask any of the great staff if Red Light Therapy can help you. Also speak with Kris and she will share with you her own wonderful results thanks to Red Light Therapy.

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